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Our Passion for Diving Medicine

Our foundation rests on a profound passion for both medicine and the enchanting world of SCUBA diving. Dr Chris Wood not only holds impressive qualifications as a Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist and General Practitioner but also embodies the spirit of an avid and experienced SCUBA diver.

With over two decades of personal diving experience and a wealth of knowledge accumulated during 15 years as a diving instructor, Dr. Wood brings a unique perspective to his medical practice. His love for diving extends far beyond mere enjoyment, as he actively engages with the diving community, sharing his expertise by teaching at the local BSAC branch and running regional First Aid and diving medical courses.

This fusion of medical expertise and diving passion drives him to provide unparalleled care and support to divers and non-divers alike. His commitment to safety and education ensures that every individual who explores the underwater world can do so with confidence and preparedness.

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We are eager to assist you with any inquiries or to schedule your Recreational Diving Medical Assessment. Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team at North West Diving Medical Services.
If requesting a medical please also detail any medical history of relevance and current medication so we can advise on any additional testing or evidence that we may require. This will be held in the strictest confidence!